Fall is here! Yeahh! I personally like to prepare myself in advance before the start of every season because I feel that it is great in order to have awesome and comfortable outfits.

With every season, my favorites items change, which obviously means that I have some new ones for fall 2016! And today I will be sharing them with you so that hopefully you can get a few ideas about what items you need to have in the closet before fall rolls around.



When we talk about fall staple pieces, how can we not include jeans into that? During spring and summer, I’m into wearing dresses and skirts but as fall comes around I tend to stick with jeans more than anything else. They work for casual days, formal events and are also great for work!



Boots and Booties are both must haves for fall 2016! They go with everything from jeans to dresses and leggings; I absolutely adore them! They are also a great way to transition your summer outfit into the perfect fall look. Personally, I like to go for neutral shades such as black, brown and taupe since they match well with almost every piece I have in my closet.

Pullover Sweater

Pullover sweaters are super easy to get into, plus they add that fun and preppy touch to your look. I prefer a gray-white pullover sweater since it reminds me of winter and snow. Crewneck, turtleneck or V-neck; you can go for whatever style you like!


Scarves are an amazing piece for both fall and winter time since it does a great job of keeping you warm. Plus, scarves are a great way to spice up a boring outfit, which is exactly why I enjoy playing around with them so much! I feel that scarves just add a little something extra to your everyday fall outfit.


Utility Jacket

Fall is all about layering which is why a utility jacket is one of my staples. It adds an edgy touch to the outfits; which I really like. Although you can get utility jackets in a few different colors, but I tend to stick to neutral olive.


All these styles hold a very important place in my fall wardrobe! What pieces do you have your eyes on it this fall?




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